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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

We will be starting our phonics program the week of the 10th of September. Friday's will be show and tell days. Please bring and item to share that starts with the letter of the week. Our first letter will be Bb. 

Friday September 28th will be career day. Please come to school dressed as your chosen community helper. 
I am so happy to be teaching at Peter Pan this year. After many years of watching and helping  my mom work for Peter Pan, and participating as a family member in events, and functions, I am honored to have this opportunity to work with families, and students. I am currently enrolled in my third year at Lewis University getting my degree in Childhood Education and Social Work. I am teaching the three and four year old classroom this year and am so excited for a year of amazing education.  
This month we start with b, t, m, and a. 
We will be working on recognition of the letters as well as the sounds. Each week a letter is introduced in the order of our curriculum. When we have completed the first four letters, we can start to build our vocabulary words, using the letters we have learned. 
This month we will be focusing on the basic shapes. We will be able to recognize them, name them, count their sides, and use them in our every day lives. 

This month we will be learning how to hold the pencil the correct way. We will be writing our names, and each letter we learn. We will be doing some tracing of shapes, letters, and left to right skills, as well as top to bottoms.