We offer students a unique learning opportunity that includes math, phonics, science, creativity, interest centers, projects, music, sensory tables, easels, and much more. Along with writing every day your child will be experiencing all aspects of this curriculum .

  •   We pride ourselves on our phonics program which is specifically geared toward three, four, and five year old students. 

 Three year old Phonics  curriculum covers:

  •  letter recognition 
  •  the sounds those letters make
  •  shapes of the letters

Four and five year old Phonics curriculum covers:​
  • recognition of the letters
  • sounds of each letter
  • sounds together making words
  • building a reading vocabulary  
  • consonant and vowel differentiation
  • writing of letters, and words
  • sentence structure
  • possessive, plural and punctuation
​Our math curriculum covers:
  •  number recognition and writing the numbers
  •  patterning and sequencing
  •  one to one correspondence
  •  greater than, less than, and equal to
  •  shapes, sizes and colors
  •  and much more  

We  believe in fostering strong relationships with our parents. We have an open door policy and invite any of the parents to join us for our day.  Communication is very important to foster a successful experience.  Our staff may be contacted by phone, email, or in person before or after class.  

We have researched the studies of the brain, that have shown that ages birth to five are the most important years for learning. We take this research and utilize it in our curriculum. 

Many of our students will continue into the Valley View School District, which has implemented full day Kindergarten.  We strongly advise parents to experience the Peter Pan advantage.

 Call us at 630-739-3765. 
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